W5 Mini PC Windows 10 Computer Stick Intel Z3735F Quad Core 1.83GHz,2GB RAM 32GB ROM,H.265 with Built in Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0

W5 Mini pc stick is Preinstalled with Windows 10 Home Edition OS which runs fast and smoothly.This is a great computer stick that can be used as a media center or as a normal computer.This can also be used as an entertainment box.
It is user friendly and allows you to turn your TV into a monitor for this small yet powerful little CPU(it can ramp up to 1.83Ghz given a heavy task).Because of its portability and size, you can put this anywhere you want and take it to wherever you want.
The hardware specification of the device is great for the price range.It has a quad core Intel processor,2GB RAM, 32GB Flash Memory, Bluetooth 4.0 and Fast Wi-Fi. It has two USB ports(support USB DISK and USB HDD),HDMI cable for connecting to the latest displays and HD TVs,and the power port.